Biz Buddies Shop

Me and my friend started an online business last week. It’s been going good and I’d like to share it with you! We sell mostly stuff for babies and toddlers but now, we also have authentic branded bags, watches and shoes! Plus skin care products! Check out our page!

Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot

I didn’t know this existed!! Glad I found it out! This is affiliated to Vikings so the price is somehow similar. It’s a better buffet for me since it serves hotpot! So you really get the variety. I love it! Good timing too when we dined because there’s no line and there weren’t many people…

Palaro Boardgame Cafe

Another cafe worth trying. It’s small but it’s good. We played a variety of games that they have and it was fun. We got there early and at first, they said there aren’t any available food and drinks yet (what?). I guess, why would they open if there are no food available, right? Anyway, they…


After work, mom and I went to Cravings for dinner with a friend. It was his birthday in a few days so he decided to treat us! Yay! Bad experience though in Cravings, Katipunan. Almost everything in the menu is not available! We ended up asking what food they can serve us. It wasn’t that…

Kusina Felicitas

The mayor took us to dinner on our last night in Vigan! Whoohoo! And before we went to the expected chill night, we hanged at Hotel Luna rooftop for our own relaxation!

Last minute tour

And we’re down to our last days in Vigan 😦 Since the professors already approved our presentations, we decided to take a quick tour in different places in Vigan we haven’t visited yet. I personally love the fish pen in Mindoro! Just look at that! Next we went to Buridek Museum. It’s a very interactive…

Mom & Dad’s Birthday

Since I’m away from home, I decided to celebrate my parents’ birthday in Vigan. We had cakes in Hotel Luna. But before that, we had dinner at Tusok tusok first.

Hotel Luna

This hotel is just our neighbor in Vigan. It is fancy and expensive. But it has the best rooftop in town! It also houses a lot of Ben Cab masterpieces and their mini museum is open to the public! We decided to check it out today..