Birthday trip – Singapore – Botanic Garden

So, my boyfriend and I wanted to go somewhere that doesn’t have any entrance fees, hehe. Tipid. We found this which is definitely worth the visit even though it was so hot that time! We paid a small entrance fee for the Orchid area.. worth it still!!

Birthday trip – Singapore – Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh

Boyfriend and I requested to eat at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh because we loved it! But since it’s a bit far, my sister recommended Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh. It’s just 15 minutes away from my sister’s place. And it is so good! Another interesting fact is that the owner was a prisoner before…

Birthday trip: Singapore — Adventure Cove

Thank you to my boyfriend for the flight, my sister for the accommodation and dad for my pocket money. ❤ My boyfriend loves Singapore. So, even though it’s my birthday, he won on the location where we will celebrate my day (libre niya ‘eh). Our first agenda is Adventure Cove! What we love most about Singapore…

Episode 7: Ang Katapusan

Yes, I’m a fan of this story on Facebook. Ramdam ko eh. Good thing my friend is also a fan too. So when we found at that there’ll be a last episode, we definitely have to watch it. We got our tickets for August 6th showing. The venue is in Green Sun Hotel. It’s a bit…

Tim Horton’s

My new favorite coffee! Sorry Starbucks. I love how it is worth the price (unlike Starbucks). I love how the choices of flavors are close to my heart and there are more cheap food selections. Haaay! I hope to see more branches please!!!


After attending the Feast at SMX, we had lunch at Kartilya, Bonifacio High Street. When we arrived, the restaurant is still closed but we were so hungry that we don’t have the energy to look for other restaurants so we waited. The ambiance is good though they have slow service (or maybe because they just…

Lee Hak Korean Restaurant

My friends and I are craving for Korean food. We wanted a good and cheap buffet that is also near. We found this restaurant which is only around PHP500 each. I got us a reservation from Booky (which was very convenient by the way). They sent me a text message right away regarding our reservation….