Baler Day 1

Long weekend = road trip!

We decided to go to Baler for the long weekend.




We really don’t have anything planned except for our accommodation. I was able to reserve a room at Charlie Does Inn. So, we went straight there. We didn’t like their reception people LOL. They were rude and don’t know how to assist guests. After settling, we had our late lunch well at Charlie Does.


The food was good but a bit expensive. Probably because of their vegetarian/organic stuff.

We went to check out the beach before deciding what to do.. Well, we didn’t like to stay at the beach because there were too many people. Then, we decided we’d go to the Lighthouse. It’s a bit far but as we get nearer, we’re loving the glimpse of the lighthouse. I really don’t know how we will get there but I’m scared, really!

At the foot of the lighthouse, there was a man who told us that his daughter will lead us the way to the lighthouse. We followed his daughter until the daughter pointed where we will enter. It was a small opening that surely is full of mud, rock and other unknown species. LOL. ‘dun pa lang natakot na ko. I was imagining all the scary films that I watched. Ang kinakatakot ko eh yung ma-stranded kami doon kasi dumidilim na and there are no officials there. Alam mo yun. But my boyfriend is decided to go up the lighthouse. Well, we drove all the way there to see it anyway. IMG_9473.JPG

This is the first view after that muddy part. There were no handles going up. We just relied to the rocks and branches that we can hold on to.. IMG_9474.JPG

Looking farther up.. I don’t know how we’ll able to reach that lighthouse. My knees are giving up on me but my boyfriend is still convinced that we will be able to reach the top! Fine!!


Yep, we were able to make it!! I was relieved to see people along the way. Akala ko kasi kami lang andun! Mas nakakatakot! I tried to go to the topmost platform but as I go up… it feels like unending!!! Huhu. Kaya bumalik na ko! Okay na ko sa midpoint!IMG_9475.JPG

IT WAS WORTH IT!! Sobrang nakakatakot lang talaga kasi you’re in an unfamiliar place and it’s getting dark tapos yung daan pa papunta dun! Hay! Well, going down is more challenging!!! Malamok na and madulas na lalo yung putik. But, thankfully we were able to go back to our Inn! What an experience!

Kumain muna kami ng tusok tusok sa may beach before settling down at Charlie Does. We had drinks, as always. Well, A LOT of drinks I must say. At first, doon lang kami malapit sa tutulugan namin.. But then, boyfriend wants to try that lively bar near. So we went there.. It was okay.. Just, okay. Hehe.



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