Anniversary trip – Bangkok – City tour

Breakfast assigned to Dan & Bianx today. šŸ˜€ They prepared toasted bread, rice, omelet, ham and sausages.


Today is chill day ‘coz we will only visit 2 temples. We didn’t have to be up early yey!


Wat Arun

When we visited last year, the towers are being constructed so we didn’t have nice photos. But look at it now! šŸ˜€




We crossed the river to get to Wat Pho.

I don’t have much photos in Wat Pho though..

We had lunch near Thipsamai. We were too early for Thipsamai that me and my boyfriend decided to wait for it to open before we go home. We’re desperate to eat it before we leave Bangkok. The others went back to Jatujak for more shopping!


We brought it home for the others to try.

I guess that’s it! The others packed while I slept early. Hehe. The next day. My boyfriend and I prepared a quick breakfast because we had to go to the airport early.


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