Friends visit in Vigan

My friends decided to visit me in Vigan since there’s a long weekend during my trip there. They arrived on a Saturday night, so after watching the fountain show in the plaza, we had dinner at Trelli’s, just across. The next day, as planned, we went up north!

Villa Angela

A dinner prepared by the food group. There’s a group researching about different Ilocano Cuisine. They got the chance to prepare food while learning about it in Villa Angela. And here’s the food they made for us. Said they have a different way of cooking adobo.

Vigan River Cruise and Dep Ed

Because of one’s research, we had a ride to the river. It’s a tour LGU is trying to present to tourists but I say they need to improve it and make it more tourist friendly. It was a good experience though. Fortunately, the river doesn’t smell bad unlike the ones here in Manila. There’s so…

1st District of Ilocos

Ilocos Sur has the OTOP or one town one product. So, everyone town has a specialty craft or product. San Ildefonso – sugarcane products (basi, vinegar, balikutsa) San Juan – bags and other products using buri leaves In a nearby town – making of scissors This is where we had lunch. Said it’s good here….

Quema Mansion

So, this is where we had our welcome dinner.   Our food. I learned to love this poque poque even though I don’t like eggplant before. Oh, allergies! My dad usually make this at home when he’s lazy to cook. Of course, Ilocano specialty

Tour of Vigan City

Before we get into serious business, we have a scheduled city tour in Vigan. We rented 2 jeepneys for us to ride (when I think there’s no need coz almost everything’s walking distance!). Anyway, we did a courtesy call to the Mayor of Vigan at the City Hall. He was very welcoming. After, we went…