Shangri-La Hotel, The Fort

My mom is checked in at Shangri-La Hotel, The Fort for a conference. At the last minute, she invited us to stay there with her. Who wouldn’t say no to Shangri-La, right? And I am curious as to how it looks like. Hehe. It did not disappoint!! The room was big and classy! I love…

Baler Day 2

First things first, the beach! 🙂 We had breakfast at Hungry Surfers We wanted to check out other touristy spots in Baler so we left theInn early.

Baler Day 1

Long weekend = road trip! We decided to go to Baler for the long weekend.   We really don’t have anything planned except for our accommodation. I was able to reserve a room at Charlie Does Inn. So, we went straight there. We didn’t like their reception people LOL. They were rude and don’t know…

Nuvali Magical Field of Lights

Weekend in Nuvali. It’s already cold!! 😀 I love it! We went to see the lights. It was okay.. Nothing special or different from last year.. Or maybe, it’s just me? What I like this year, though, is that we’re allowed to go near the lights.

Osaka Ohsho

Date night with my boyfriend. We were craving for Coco Ichibanya but the only branch we know is in BGC. Instead of going there, we looked for curry food within Megamall. We found one in Osaka Ohsho. It was okay but Coco Ichibanya is way better. Hehe.

Tim Hortons

September 18, 2017 Since its arrival here in the Philippines early this year, I wasn’t able to find the time to try it. Its locations are a bit far and Starbucks is still my comfort zone so yeah. But today, we were able to try it out. Well… I LOVED IT. Especially their French Vanilla!…


Ilocano cuisine! An event was held at Victorino’s where me and other faculty members were invited. My classmates in ACL were also there. All I can say is, I MISS VIGAN! 😦

Zark’s Burger

I was out with my dad for our weekly grocery shopping. Since my mom is still in the U.S., we had to do the grocery. After, my dad requested that we try the burgers in Zark’s since he still hasn’t eaten there. My boyfriend also arrived just in time so it was a date with…